We work with public figures, entrepreneurs and influencers who want to enhance their public persona, promote their brands and establish themselves as a voice of authority. We use our exceptional connections, professional writers, technical know-how, and background in engineering, to create winning campaigns.


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Michael (from Hexa PR) is a polymath, with an unparalleled desire to learn, improve, and optimize. He is always eager to help and knows exactly how to find the most effective (and simplest) solutions to a broad array of business and technical challenges. I will most definitely work with him again in the future and encourage you to pick his brain. You will be happy with the results!

Lucas Miller

MBA faculty, author, and productivity researcher at UC Berkeley
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Here are some of our satisfied clients. We took them all from concept to publication. At every stage, we offered advice and direction, without interfering with their core message. Our skill is in preserving, and presenting, the very best version of you.


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News Distribution

After an in-depth interview, our dedicated team of journalists will get to work, crafting content that promotes you. Our connections within the industry ensure that we are able to guarantee placement, or your money back. Our track record proves that we consistently submit to top publications, such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Influencive.

Search Engine Branding

Increase your online notability and become more prominent in online searches. Our SEO services will allow you to completely dominate your chosen field: you’ll become the voice of authority in your area of expertise and the leading option to appear in searches.  By positioning you as the authoritative figure, we will help you climb the digital ranks.

Social Media Management

Manage your online presence and social media profiles with targeted outreach. We will help you publish content, engage with your customers, discover trends, track performance, and curate campaigns tailed to your unique needs. Our social media management team is familiar with all niches to help you boost your online social presence. 

Podcast Placement

HexaPR boasts an impressive library of podcast presenters. They will help you feature on a range of fitting episodes, which will help you establish your online presence and share your authoritative industry knowledge. With a carefully selected strategy unique to your needs, broadcasting your podcast will help grow your audience, find new listeners, and get meaningful ROI from your show. 

I have known Michael for years and consider him a trusted and reliable friend and business owner. I am the co-founder of a PR company and hired Michael and his team to build our company website and trusted him with our company branding and online user experience

Rhonda Swan

Founder of the Help ME Rhonda Show, Unstoppable branding agency

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“Michael Peres has a very intimate understanding of digital marketing …. If you are looking for someone to do your digital marketing, Michael is certainly someone you should look at”

Spencer Kobren

Founder of the American Hair Loss association

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Michael delivers with a high level of professionalism. He’s help me exponentially by building my digital footprint and getting me on credible, notable outlets. Big thank you to Michael and his team.  

Bubba Almony

Celebrity Bodyguard and chairman of BAB

Michael was a really sharp individual and seemed to really know his stuff…we started talking and I discovered his range of services that would help me boost my online presence.  

Joe Tillman

Founder of Hair Transplant Mentor

Mikey and his team always make sure to use the up-most professionalism when dealing with me as a client, and always go above and beyond to make sure I’m satisfied.

Brandon B White

Founder at PPMA, LLC


Frequently Asked


What is the guarantee that my money won’t go to waste?

Our success rate is 99%. Yet, if the things don’t go as planned, we offer 100% money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

What is the ROI of this service?

You get to become a credible, trusted source in your industry, which then opens doors and leads to opportunities that set you up for success. We position you in such a way where you can demand more money because you’ll have credibility and a great reputation behind your name.

Why should I work with Michael Peres and not with someone else?

Michael will provide you with top quality articles, guarantee top publications at unbeatable prices. He'll deliver on time, every time. In that fashion, we have built up our brand, and now we can help you do the same too.

Michael can help you expand your influence online and become a powerhouse in your field. By publishing your content on multiple reputable platforms and exposing you throughout the media, Michael Peres has a reputation and a stellar record of turning names into brands, allowing his clients to connect with their audience in way they couldn't prior.

Who can use this service and why?

Although we usually work with C-level executives, we are willing to work with anyone who wants to grow their brand.

What types of publications does this service offer?

We have a wide range of selections. Your articles will be published on sources such as: Wikipedia, Forbes, Yahoo, MSNBC, IMDB, Daily Star, Thrive Global, Kivo Daily and more. It's best you schedule a phone call or call 415-212-9449. Based on what you need, we'd be sure to recommend your best option.

What is the difference between a news publication and a press release?

We have a wide range of selections. Your articles will be published on sources such as: Wikipedia, Forbes, Yahoo, MSNBC, IMDB, Daily Star, Thrive Global, Kivo Daily and more. It's best you schedule a phone call or call 415-212-9449. Based on what you need, we'd be sure to recommend your best option.